29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition


The company Spetsburmash, a manufacturer of drilling exploration tools, will present at the exhibition new lines of its equipment: casing borehole filtration systems.

Filtration systems are used in the construction of wells with the following purposes:

• Provision of production with technical and/or drinking water.
• Hydromonitoring of tailings dumps and man-made facilities, construction of reference hydrogeological parametric networks.
• Water reduction and drainage of quarries, cuts and mines.


What tasks does an industrial downhole filter help to solve.

Increasing the flow rate of the well.

The casing filter performs the same functions as the casing pipe - it supports the walls of the well, protecting them from collapse and rock shedding, but due to the perforation of holes along the entire length of the pipe, the borehole increases significantly, which ensures that more water flows into the well along the entire length of the filter pipe through the holes even with a decrease in the diameter and depth of the well. The high strength and high debit of the well allows you to pump out large volumes of groundwater faster.

Protection of pumping equipment.

The filter mesh wrapped around the perforated casing pipe reliably protects the well from soil and sand particles. Prevents them from getting inside the well and into the pumping equipment.

Reduced monitoring costs.

The presence of a filter in the observation well will reduce or even eliminate the periodic process of pumping the well, because water will not linger in the filter column, and this will save time and labor costs for periodic pumping of the well, eliminate the need for powerful pumping equipment.


Main characteristics of borehole filters:

  • High-strength steel tubing and OTM pipes are used as frames.
  • Filter length 0.5-12m.
  • Diameter from 60.3-530 mm.
  • The perforation is slit or with round holes, the type and scheme of their distribution depends on the borehole and the type of soil where the filter will be used.
  • Winding with a filter mesh of stainless steel braid braid.


You can see samples of borehole filters for filtration systems, as well as drilling tools at the stand of the company Spetsburmash 11-166.




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