29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition

29th Central Asian International Mining Exploration & Mining Equipment Exhibition


David Brown Santasalo is a global gear development specialist with a leading market position in providing customized powertrain solutions and full after-sales service for all heavy-duty applications in critical industries worldwide. We work with industries such as Mining, Fiber and paper production, Cement, Metals, Sugar and many others.


In 2021, the company completed the first stage of one of the largest investments to date in a new specially designed enterprise designed for both the existing DBS market and the wider Finnish market of industrial gearboxes. As a result of the construction, an ultra-modern flagship facility with an area of almost 10,000 m2 will be created, which boasts many sustainable advantages. This important project implies that the business invests heavily in the future vision of the global business both from the point of view of production and from the point of view of the supply chain.

The project will consist of two stages, and since the first stage of the production building is already over, the company is now fully focused on completing the second stage by the end of 2022. The goal of the second stage, which will include a service shop, logistics, warehouse and assembly shop, is to transfer all current production operations in Jyvaskyla, Finland, to a new plant site and create an integrated and efficient production complex of industrial gearboxes.

This flagship facility marks the next exciting innovative step in building sustainable production units within David Brown Santasalo's global business. It also reflects our current commitment to the Science Based Targets initiative, as this conceptually progressive facility saves energy and reduces carbon emissions.

Some of the unique advantages of this latest production complex:
• Electricity supply according to the international climate neutral EPD® certificate, which also complies with ISO 14025 Type III standard
• 100% of the electricity supplied to the facility is generated by hydroelectric power plants
• Air conditioning and ventilation integrated with heat recovery system
• The automation and enterprise management system is implemented using the Schneider Electric Smart intelligent system
• The most energy-efficient air compressor system has been selected for the facility's air compressor system.
• Energy-efficient LED lighting installed throughout the facility
• There are charging points for electric vehicles on the site with the possibility of increasing the number of charging points in accordance with future needs
• Energy consumption monitoring and reporting system on our new DMG Mori machines

Thanks to the creation of such a Center of Excellence in Finland, delivery times will be reduced, thereby customers will gain a significant advantage. In addition, the company's investments in a modern 5-axis multi-purpose machining center provide expanded opportunities for the manufacture of complex gears and customized custom solutions. This unique equipment combines various production capabilities into a single multitasking complex. Which creates new design opportunities and breaks the old boundaries of production capabilities, allowing David Brown Santasalo to produce complex and high-quality components for the individual needs of the customer.

Investments in a 5-axis machining center complement the already extensive experience of DB Santasalo in the production of crown gears. The global presence on six continents allows the company to use a wide range of capabilities and technologies, which allows the company to meet the requirements of its customers for new, spare or custom-made crown gears. The DB Santasalo range offers Segment and Multi-segment crown gears for a wide range of applications, which are also perfectly suited for replacing Crown gears in non-industrial areas.

Find out more about what makes David Brown Santasalo different from others by visiting our website at www.dbsantasalo.com to learn more.

David Brown Santasalo is a participant of the Mining & Metals Central Asia exhibition – "MINING EXPLORATION & MINING EQUIPMENT".

You will be able to visit the exposition of the enterprise on September 20 - 22, Atakent KCBP, Almaty.

Get a ticket by following the link.

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